ENDESA (Enel) - New design for sustainable Enel Primary Substation

Fecha de vencimiento: 31-08-2022

Promotor: ENDESA (ENEL)

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The purpose of this challenge is the creation of new sustainable architectural concepts dedicated to primary substations. The primary goal of the challenge is the creation of a sustainable architectonic modular system that allows a high degree of versatility and replicability, a necessary requirement to adapt the buildings and architectural elements to the different contexts of use present in the territory. This system must be able to house all the required electrical equipments of the Primary Substations and at the same time shall improve the visual, functional and spatial impact of these installations and their surrounding areas. The proposed strategy of intervention must be innovative and focused on the key concept that is leading this transition of Enel towards a sustainable business model: the Grid Futurability.


EGI&N will recognize: to the Applicant selected as winner of the Challenge an amount of 40,000 euros; to the Applicants who will be selected for the conclusion of option award an amount of 10,000 euros. Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM on August 31st, 2022.


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