ENDESA (Enel) - New design for sustainable Enel Secondary Substation

Fecha de vencimiento: 31-08-2022

Promotor: ENDESA (ENEL)

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The purpose of this Challenge is the creation of new sustainable architectural concepts dedicated to secondary substations. The primary goal of the Challenge is the creation of an innovative sustainable architectonic modular system that allows a high degree of versatility, which is a necessary requirement to adapt the buildings and architectural elements to the different contexts of use present in the area. The primary objectives are: To promote a positive visual impact of these infrastructures that improves their insertion in the local area, favoring a more harmonious dialogue with the natural environment of the places where they are located; To provide the prefabricated substations with new quality and innovation based on project research. To be the symbol of a new vision of energy that the Company promotes and communicates: more participatory, bidirectional, sustainable, and enhances a closer relationship between the Company and customers; Provide for the possibility of ....


EGI&N will award: to the Applicant selected as winner of the Challenge: an amount of 30,000 euros. to the Applicants who will be selected for the conclusion of option award: an amount of 7,000 euros. Deadline 31/08/2022


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