Pfizer: Clinical Study Adherence

Fecha de vencimiento: 15-07-2022

Promotor: Pfizer

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We are looking for new, innovative patient-friendly solutions for continuous improvement of investigational product adherence in clinical trials. The solution should also allow for the prediction, assessment, and identification of potential risk factors contributing to clinical trial non-adherence in clinical trial participants. Goals: Find solutions that are patient-focused and engaging, which provide support and motivation to remain adherent with investigational products as well as visit schedules throughout their trial. Provide insights and analytics to better predict the adherence curve for clinical trial participants to allow for appropriate intervention to maintain investigational product adherence. Capture adherence metrics back to the study teams.


Opportunity for Collaboration on a Phase 2 Study If you are selected as a winner, upon Pfizer’s request, Entrant will first negotiate in good faith with Pfizer for the right of Pfizer to develop and/or license Entrant’s solution, including further changes and/or developments made thereof during ...


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