Sacyr: Maximizing the use of Renewables Challenge.

Fecha de vencimiento: 15-07-2022

Promotor: Sacyr

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Challenge goals Identify and implement technological solutions and tools to improve the performance and management of energy from renewable sources to be used in large buildings, industrial and waste recycling plants, transportation nodes, etc. In order to achieve a decarbonization of these infrastructures, in each of the following phases of the energy cycle: ● Generation from new renewable technologies. ● Intelligent use of this energy. ● Storage with greater autonomy. We are looking for innovative solutions that: ● Provide infrastructures with new technologies that allow the generation of renewable energy to reduce energy dependence on polluting sources. ● Guarantee greater energy autonomy of the infrastructure. ● Enable efficient management of existing energy resources while ensuring a sustainable operating model.


This challenge has a global scope and is aimed at the entire professional innovation community such as UTEs, research centers, universities and startups.


Energía asequible no contaminante Industria, innovación e infraestructura

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Eficiencia energética