Sacyr: New solutions to boost sustainable urban mobility

Fecha de vencimiento: 15-07-2022

Promotor: Sacyr

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Challenge goals Identify and implement technological solutions and smart mobility tools that allow us to reduce the environmental impact caused by inefficiencies in urban mobility management in the following categories: ● Urban mobility elements with high congestion rates (intersections, traffic circles, urban highways) We are looking for innovative solutions that allow us to improve safety and efficiency in traffic management, taking advantage of different technologies (traffic lights, smart signaling, cameras, etc). ● Low Emission Zones (urban centers) We are looking for innovative solutions associated with efficient management that improves environmental impact and fluidity/efficiency in urban mobility. ● High-rotation parking zones, RPA (Residential Priority Area), park-and-ride lots, sidewalks, fords and loading and unloading zones We are looking for innovative solutions and new lines of development that allow us to move towards a smart city. Solutions must be easy to implement to ensure scalability. We are looking for innovative solutions that: ● Act as levers capable of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases caused directly or indirectly by urban mobility. ● Guarantee an adequate and fluid development of economic activities in the areas where the solutions are to be implemented. ● Ensure a better quality of life for the people who transit through these urban areas. ● Improve the acoustic quality of the most affected areas during peak hours.


This challenge has a global scope and is aimed at the entire professional innovation community such as UTEs, research centers, universities and startups.


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