ENDESA (ENEL) Extending wind blades to maximize power production

Fecha de vencimiento: 06-07-2022

Promotor: ENDESA (ENEL)

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Enel Green Power is looking for a partner that could apply a solution for the extension of the length of the installed blades, by attaching a longer piece of blade to the actual tip, or other types of solutions that could help increase the rotor diameter and consequently the AEP. SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS Submissions should address the following Solution Requirements: Tip extender bonded/connected to the original blade, without replacing it; Extension ≥ 1 meter; Technology readiness level (TRL) ≥ 6; Ready to be installed in 6 months; Cost ≤ 200k€ per wind turbine; Wind turbine generator (WTG) capacity ≥ 600 kW.


The final award for this Challenge is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the verification process, including acceptance of the Challenge-Specific Agreement (CSA) that is the regulation for this Challenge.


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