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Iberdrola's Startup Programme PERSEO: On the lookout for solutions to optimise our offshore assets with autonomous equipment

Fecha de vencimiento: 21-05-2024

Promotor principal: IBERDROLA

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Iberdrola's Startup Programme PERSEO, is looking for fully autonomous or remotely operated equipment to help optimise the underwater inspection of our offshore assets. The main, but not exclusive, objective is the detection of anomalies and failures in the foundation and seabed anchoring elements of our wind turbines. In addition, inspections of subsea cables will be considered.


The award will consist of a testing agreement with PERSEO or another Iberdrola company that will cover the cost of these activities and provide the winner with all the technical assistance needed. The winner will have the opportunity to test in a real data environment to fully evaluate the solution, offering access to tools, equipment, infrastructure, high-tech sites and shared work areas. The project will be developed in collaboration with specialised technicians from Iberdrola's Renewables and Offshore business areas.


Industria, innovación e infraestructura

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Industria 4.0