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BioRural Innovation Challenge 2024

Fecha de vencimiento: 28-07-2024

Promotor principal: BIORURAL

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In today's business world, collaboration has become a key to success. For decades, the business mentality has been linked to competition. However, a more modern and effective perspective has focused on collaboration as a means to achieve shared goals. When different companies and entities collaborate, a unique context for innovation is generated. Diversity of perspectives and approaches often leads to creative and unusual solutions. This is essential in a rapidly evolving business world. And also a way to launch new ideas, new technology-based companies, leveraging part of the necessary costs through shared resources. Participants will be part of a collaborative process to prepare their ideas to solve environmental and societal challenges related to by-products. Not only the best idea win, but also those who are able to establish networks and collaborations. Under this vision, the challenge is convoked for participants to bring fresh ideas and enjoy a 2 days experience to grow-up and connect them with each other as well as to with other potential stakeholders.


5000 euros


Acción por el clima Producción y consumo responsable

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Economía circular