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A global food and beverage brand is looking to enhance the natural profile of its products through the use of natural flavouring components. In this instance, the focus is on achieving desirable acidity levels through the use of natural materials. Acidity is a key element of the taste profile of food and drink products, and using natural ingredients to achieve natural acidity is an important aspect of the clean label strategy for many food and drink products. The key ingredients of interest are those that are are naturally high in acidity and should be: - a recognisable ingredient and generally considered as ‘clean label’. - described on an ingredient declaration s the ‘named’ material. - hot-water soluble. - natural or plant-based such as an herbal leaf or fruit piece. - preferably neutral in colour so it does not stand-out from the rest of the herbal ingredients. - ‘neutral’ tasting so that it has minimal taste impact on intended flavour profile of the product.




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