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Energiesparverband (ESV): Load drones to support the installation of PV systems

Fecha de vencimiento: 28-09-2022

Promotor principal: Energiesparverband (ESV)

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Carrying PV panels up on building roofs is physically demanding and time-consuming work. The challenge owner is looking for a reliable and cost-efficient solution in which load drones lift the panels up to the exact spot on the roof where they will screwed on and wired directly by the electrician. The work time for the installation of PV plants is significantly decreased by drones which lift one or more PV panels at the same time up on roofs (average height 15 m). The drones are precisely directed based on the floor plan of the building. An interface to the PV planning software is needed.


up to 54,000 Euro (and contributing to climate neutrality)!


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Eficiencia energética