ENDESA (ENEL): Safety systems to detect warning signs in drivers, operators, and field workers

Fecha de vencimiento: 02-05-2023

Promotor: ENDESA (ENEL)

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Enel, Eni, and Leonardo, facilitated by the COTEC Foundation, intend to address the prevention of some categories of accidents, through the use of new technologies. Your solution should be able to detect warning signs and other anomalies in the behavior of workers that could lead to a situation of danger or risk. Some examples of use cases where the solution could be applied are: vehicle drivers, construction machinery operators, maintenance operators, lone workers in remote areas, and electrical grids operators. Where possible, your solution should ensure connectivity with innovative telecommunications systems, for instance in the detection of remote workers in areas with low or no signal. Following this Challenge, the COTEC Foundation intends to announce the winners, their solutions, and proposed next steps. The Foundation may host an awards ceremony later this year to celebrate its outcomes, to be held in Rome. Enel, COTEC, or other members of the Foundation may contact awarded Solvers to arrange their participation in, or attendance of, this ceremony.


Reward: Up to $20,000 USD each winning solution


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