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ENDESA (ENEL) Anti-soiling coatings for solar panels

Fecha de vencimiento: 11-09-2023

Promotor principal: ENDESA (ENEL)

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In this Challenge, Enel Green Power is searching for proposals that provide anti-soiling coatings that can be applied in operational PV production plants to reduce soiling on solar panels used in power plants. To measure the anti-soiling performance of coatings, the particles whose deposition should be avoided, or highly reduced, should include small soil particles, bird droppings, and other particles brought by wind or rain (e.g. desert sand). In harsh environments and weather, it would be of benefit if the coating acted against snow or ice deposition and coverage: when covered by snow, the actual energy production of these panels is zero. The main performance indicator and profit comparison of coatings and their effectiveness will be in additional energy produced by the plant, however reduction in the need for maintenance, reapplication, and cleaning costs will also improve the solutions’ cost effectiveness.


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