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ENDESA (ENEL) Grid Innovation Scouting 2023

Fecha de vencimiento: 31-12-2024

Promotor principal: ENDESA (ENEL)

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Below are the challenges for which we are looking for your contribution. 1. Collaboration between workers and robots during operations in primary substations We are looking for a solution to lighten the load of workers (locally and/or remotely) in relevant maintenance activities, improving their safety, the quality of the work, and productivity by performing operational tasks in primary substations. The solution could entail collaboration between workers and the proposed technology/robotic solution. 2. Autonomous robotic solution for anti-Icing applications on overhead conductors We are seeking an autonomous robotic solution, capable of working on energized lines without interrupting grid services, for applying anti-icing coatings on overhead conductors (various diameters) in medium voltage grids. Advanced features would be appreciated, such as line inspections, real-time status reporting, basic maintenance tasks, and it should be designed as an upgradeable platform for continuous improvements. 3. Autonomous infrastructure inspections in inaccessible areas during extreme weather events We are looking for a small, adaptable solution that can carry out ground inspections during or after extreme weather conditions in overhead lines, underground lines, and power stations (primary and secondary substations). The solution should be able to dive, climb, work on rough ground to carry out proper inspections in areas that are under water, affected by landslides, or areas that workers can’t reach physically. 4. Microrobot technologies to support inspections on overhead and underground lines We are looking for small, adaptable microrobot solutions that can carry out inspections on both overhead and underground lines. The solution should perform proper inspections in small, narrow spaces that are not easily accessible or for overhead activities that are risky and not easy to be carried out by workers.


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