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AWS – Early disease detection (Diagnostic Development Initiative)

Fecha de vencimiento: 31-12-2021

Startupbootcamp - Decarbonize

Fecha de vencimiento: 02-06-2021

Impact Canada – Food Waste Reduction Challenge: Novel Technologies

Fecha de vencimiento: 31-08-2021
Challenge Streams C and D are open for applications until August 31, 2021. They support novel technologies at the prototyping or testing phase which extend the life of perishable food or which transform surplus food (or food by-products) that would otherwise be wasted into another product. These streams target technologies in their early development phase to accelerate their advancement and prospective deployment in the Canadian market. Successful solutions are advancing technologies to make them more effective, efficient, scalable, and competitive. Stream C focuses on technologies that extend the life of perishable foods by finding ways to slow the degradation of perishable food items and extend the length of time these food items may be stored before they become spoiled. Stream D focuses on technologies that transform food waste by converting surplus food, food by-products, or food waste into other products, including: food for humans, food for animals/insects (e.g. animal feed).

DaklaPack – Paper packaging with a recyclable/repulpable transparant window

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
DaklaPack Europe is a family owned, Netherlands based, flexible plastic packaging manufacturer. Currently, we are working on expanding our portfolio and we are investing in more sustainable alternatives such as mono-material packaging and the use of alternative materials such as paper. Since paper is created from a renewable source and if it is designed for recycling/repulping the environmental impact, especially at the end-of life outruns plastic and is a future oriented solution. We have experienced a growing demand for sustainable packaging and a great interest in paper products by our customers. Hence, we are looking for innovators with a sustainable interested in creating a recyclable/repulpable paper-packaging for dry-foods with a window. A potential paper knowledge/background could come in handy. Furthermore we envision a collaboration with open-minded pioneers with an interest in knowledge-exchange, research and experimentation. Incentivo:

HELLO FRESH – Reduce primary plastic packaging

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
We are looking for companies in the field of sustainable packaging that can take a critical look at the different kinds of packaging used for the products in our box and help us to identify new opportunities to reduce our use of plastic. Ideally it should be a partner who can also support us in implementing this change in collaboration with our suppliers (ie. solutions should fit within supplier’s operational process).

BMN – Optimisation of packaging of palletised building materials

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
We are looking for solutions which either (preferably) completely removes any form of packaging for palletised building materials, or optimizes the packaging process in relation to time and or amount of packaging material used.

Koen Pack – Sustainable packaging for mixed bouquets

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
We are looking for SMEs who can help us develop a solution for this worldwide problem. What innovative ideas exist in other branches to pack perishable goods? Koen Pack is looking for companies who offer sustainable products we can use as a protective packaging with marketing possibilities. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are three keywords.

UPS –Biodegradable Packaging and Customer Collaboration

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
UPS already provides a ‘returns program’ for its larger partners, whereby customers can return items to companies by dropping them off in UPS bags at a UPS access point. UPS could utilize this system to deliver used biodegradable packaging to a third party where it can be industrially composted. To do this, we have set SME’s two challenges: 1. Can you create a version of UPS Packaging that is biodegradable and industrially compostable? The packaging must be completely industrially compostable and contain no microplastics. It must also contain wording that makes this clear. Too many biodegradable products do not clarify that they are not suitable for home compost, creating unnecessary pollution. The product must also attempt to maintain the durability standards of current UPS packaging. 2. Can you create a method to incentivize customers to drop off the packaging at a UPS Access point so it can be transferred to a third-party industrial composter?

AB MAURI – Antimicrobial packaging material for industrially produced bread

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
We are looking for innovative ideas or innovative processes in development or already existing technologies to impregnate/coat polyethylene (or comparable) packaging material) with slightly volatile antimicrobial agents.

Tony’s Chocolonely – Sturdy flexible paper packaging for chocolate

Fecha de vencimiento: 12-07-2021
We are looking for companies that share our vision and can help us in offering our chocolate in sustainable but also sturdy paper packaging. We are curious about the innovative ideas you might have that can help us in offering a paper packaging that is fully recyclable, sturdy (a minimum of wrinkles and no tearing) and runs efficiently over the production line.